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We want to help you meet your goals through learning and doing by utilizing the evidence based methods of applied behavior analysis (ABA). From teaching your child how to communicate, to improving your educational facility’s ability to care for special needs populations, to fostering every day living skills, our experienced team is here to help!

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Our Team

Ashley Dolan
Director of Administrative Services
Allison Guzzo, BCBA
Regional Director
Colby Highfill, BCBA
Northern Regional Director
Theresa Benavidez, BCBA
Southern Regional Director
Katelin Robertson, BCBA
Boulder Clinical Director
James Gasbarro, BCBA
South Metro Clinical Director
Tory Drew, BCBA
Clinical Supervisor, Pueblo
Breanna Knowles, BCBA
Clinical Supervisor

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For more information, please call us at (720) 755-2207, or email us at info@ogbehavior.com