Optimum Guidance

Behavior Consulting

Needs Evaluation

Figuring It Out

We complete comprehensive assessments in order to find out more about you, to determine your individual or organizational needs, and to inform treatment and consult planning. We do this through a variety of methods, dependent on your concerns, including interviews, data collection, standardized assessments, and more.

Individual Treatment

Helping you and your family...your way.

Using applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, certified clinicians provide assessments and direct treatment, as well as caregiver training. We work on acquiring skills, decreasing dangerous or inappropriate behavior, and moving closer to overall independence for children and adults alike with autism spectrum disorder, other developmental disabilities, and behavior problems without specific diagnoses.

School and Daycare

"Highering" Education

We aim to bring education to a higher level by providing extra support to schools and community organizations that serve individuals with special needs through consult and direct instruction. We can work as much or as little with your facility as needed, whether it be providing your staff with RBT credentialing and intermittent supervision, or working directly with your students.


Organizational Training

Taking Care of Business

If you are a residential or other caregiving agency, we're here to share and train on techniques to aid you and your staff in furthering the care and teaching of those under your care.