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Running a business requires oversight of several moving parts, and not all of them always run smoothly. When some of these areas become rough, a reliable third party can help. Our organizational consulting service utilizes and integrates the ADDIE model with applied behavior analysis--both evidence-based--to develop and implement business interventions that will make a worthwhile difference. It may sound cliche, but...we truly aren't satisfied until you are.

Just a Few Examples of How We Help

Utilizing our own expertise, while working with you and your organization's experts to find the right solution, we can aid you in creating solutions to problems common in small, growing, and large organizations that your own business may experience, including:

*Productivity decrease                                                                                                                         *Staff training issues                                                                                                                         *High staff turnover                                                                                                                  *Customer or client dissatisfaction                                                                                                 *Company organizational problems   

Pricing                                                                                                                                                    Surprisingly, this may be the best part. We help large corporations, but we also want to support small businesses, as well. We at OG understand what it is to be a smaller or mid-sized business that needs some support for growth or even just stability, but also be tight on funds. We are here to work with you on not only your organizational needs, but on sticking with your budget, too. 

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